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I know I'm not really active on this deviantart account, but I'm been writing on my book. Now I have postponed the "Vampire Royalty" series, and writing another book. It's because I have my mind somewhere else right now, and I can't leave it unwritten. I have to write it down before I get my mind get to somewhere else than this.
I am writing some books now, and it's going to take a long time to write them.
The fantasy I had has been in my head in many years and i think it's time to write them down before I forget them.

Before I tell about the story how the vampires got created.
I will tell you how the universe and gods came to be.
What if I told, that every planet, sun and star is a god. That, I will tell you in the story.

Before the universe was created, there was this one being, she is called Mom.
she was only one being in the whole existence, lonely in the darkness, the void.
She had nothing to do and nothing she owned and she was everything she had.

One day she had an idea, and that idea was she wanted to end her life, because she couldn't stand being alone. With that idea, she exploded into million of millions of pieces, you might know it as The Big Bang.
From those pieces, small beings came to life. Those small being was scared, fought and devoured eachother.
Each time they devoured themselves, they got bigger and bigger. They became planets, suns and stars also called gods, but there are some stronger than those who became stars.

There are two who are the strongest of them all, the destroyer or rather called the darkness and the devourer, and the protector of other gods also called the light, the good.
The darkness lives in the void, outside the edge of the universe, banished by the light. The light lives within the universe and those are the stronges and oldest brother of them all.

The light found a planet with very curious little creatures also called humans. The light thought he could create another creatures out of them, the werewolves, but it was a failed experiment.
After the failed experiment he thought he could create another creatures, the vampires, and he is watching if that turns out ok.
Around humans, there were a woman from the rich family, she was unique from all other humans. She had a great potential being the queen of the vampires.
The real story begins.

This is a story of fiction. The story will be continued in the book 'The Vampire Queen'. The story will be about how Vampire clans got created.

*Future information will be written


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Suiaq Davidsen
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I am a freetime artist. I don't have much time for anything. Sometimes i make music when i feel like it, but normaly i dance different styles. I'm all loving person, always cheering and happy. I'm also a web-designer.

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